God Complex

Don't forget to PRAY the rent


by NamePendingCreations


I don't really write many of these-in fact I haven't wrote a single one yet and I may not write another one after this.
Anyway, onto the point of this tiny litle blog.

I hope you all have been enjoying God Complex-we've been working pretty hard to make sure it is an enjoyable and funny little way to brighten up your day.

We hope you are enjoying the unique blend of gods and goddesses appearing in the comic.
We're here to highlight one god who has appeared in a lot of the comics, but we don't know if you're even aware of his presence in the comic!

That is the Japanese folklore character, Issun-boshi the one-inch boy!  He appears in most of the God Complex strips, sometimes he is in plain site, other times he is hidden.
Why don't you try to find Issun-Boshi?