God Complex

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God Complex- The story thus far

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Many mythologies and religions have their own 'bad end' in store for the universe.

What if all of them came true at once?
Ragnarok, the second coming and so many other things all transpire at the same time.

Mortal life on Earth is gone and now the gods and goddesses of old are either trying to pick up and rebuild or take whatever they can get their hands on.

Many gods have migrated to Earth in the downtime after the apocalypse. Without many places to stay, the gods have all taken to the one structure that is still standing sound: an apartment complex.

In the apartment live many mythological figures all trying to fucntion in their new life:

Morrigan, celtic goddess of death who is trying her hardest to be as evil as the history books said she was.

Thrud, daughter of Thor, a young lady who is far less violent than her norse bretheren were.

Zeus, whom is only at the apartment after losing Mount Olympus in his divorce with Hera.

Jesus, who is the sole god tasked with makinig Earth habitable for future mortals.

And so many more.
oh, there is also a Flying Spaghetti Monster, but nobody likes him.