God Complex

Don't forget to PRAY the rent


'Military War Goddess and 'Phantom Queen'  A somewhat hyperactive young goddess who is trying her hardest to be as evil as her father, Lucifer, apparently was. She has secret plans to release him from his hellish prison some day-see if her dad is really the big bad guy everyone makes him out to be.  She's also vegan. So yeah, pretty much evil.


'Daughter of Thor'  A goddess who is in an ongoing anger managment program. Her father and grandfather were both known for their viking tempers and she is actively trying to disuade the stereotype that all the norse gods are bloodthirsty warriors. Though it is really hard to keep calm in an apartment where everyone refuses to pay rent or keep their rooms clean.


'Son of God and god of nice guys everywhere'  Everytime this gullible guy trusts someone he seems to end up on a cross(that is a figure of speech btw). Jesus is a nerd who is too nice for his own good.  Maybe if he would grow a back bone and stop turning the other cheek people would stop walking all over him. He has been tasked by his father to make the Earth a good place for humans to live again. Can he accomplish that much?  Also, he is Morrigan's ex boyfriend-she kind of ripped his heart out.


' Goddess of "Wisdom" among other things'  Athena's wisdom seems to be geared exclusively twoards 'girly things' and is the only one in the apartment actively concerned about her appearance or what gods think of her.  Though because of her concern for this she can help the other goddesses be more lady like if they ever need it-via talents like hair styling, sewing and all around fashion knowledge.  Though some of the other girls might think that Athena's constant strive for 'perfect beauty' is her attempt to hide one glaring fact about her figure.


"Daughter of Anubis. Funeral Goddess, maybe.' She is quiet, she is weird and she is pretty much the most unsettling person in the entire apartment complex. Some guess it is do to her being raised so close to death. Good going daddy Anubis, you've made a montone and highly sarcastic little monster. 

'God of storms or parties? He can't really remember.' Rude, crude and absolutely spoiled. Susano'o is a really hard god to deal with, what with his complete frat boy approach to just about every situation and never taking fault in ANYTHING that he does wrong.  Despite this Jesus is still best friends with the guy(though you can attribute this either to guilt or because he has no other choice, maybe a little of both).  He is kind of a pig and is more interested in getting in the other goddesses pants than learning anything about their lore-especially Thrud.