God Complex

Don't forget to PRAY the rent


 She's really petite but can devour an entire pizza by herself, what's up with that? Fan of cartoons, art and cosplay- Becky tries to embrace as many of these things in her life as possible. So she doodles and spends a ton of time on tumblr looking at other arts. When it comes to cosplay she cosplays some of her favorite characters(like Marceline from Adventure Time or AppleJack from My Little Pony FiM) and goes to multiple conventions a year.  Her props are pretty legit, but that comes from her super secret scultping talent(shh, don't tell anyone).  She is super shy and introverted when not at cons so approach with extreme caution, for she may not speak even when spoken too.  She also works in a bakery. Why isn't she fat? 











A writer.  That is pretty much all that he is good for(so that isn't saying much.)  He tries to be funny, but only gets so far. He has a ton of bad luck, but maybe

this is just karma from a past life? Maybe, maybe not.   His favorite color is red and he loves Joseph Gordin Levitt more than most people-possibly even more

than Becky. Oh, also they make kissy faces together. He is kind of an introvert-extrovert, for Becky's sake he'll be extroverted and do all the talking-so direct your questions at him ladies and gentlemen.